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Featured Flower 20% off- Sun Streak by Curio

Sun Streak by Curio
Sun Streak is a Hybrid cross of MK Ultra and Raven. Its dominant terpenes Myrcene and Limonene contribute to its flavor, aroma, and potential effects. Sunstreak is recommended for muscle pain, stress, and lethargy.

Recommended to Treat: ADD, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms, Racing Thoughts


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Maryland Cannabis FAQs

25% off select Flower

Culta Cookies Toffee 3.5g Buds
Matter. Deep Sunset 3.5g Buds
Matter. Nana’s Wedding Cake 3.5g Buds
Shore Naturals Cherry Pie 3.5 Buds
Shore Naturals Cookie Tech 3.5g Buds

Limited quantities. Available in-store.


What Are Cannabinoids? Pharmkent Wellness dispensary in Maryland

30% off select Flower🔥

Cookies 2090 3.5g Buds
Culta Jerri’s Juice 3.5g Buds
Culta Lemonnade Cake Mix 3.5g Buds
Culta Sea Stars 3.5g Buds
Evermore Strawberry Cookies Buds
Grow West Heavenly OG 3.5g Buds
Grow West Rocket Fuel 3.5g Buds
Grow West Space Wrangler 3.5g Buds
Modern Flower White Tahoe Cookies 3.5g Buds
Shore Naturals Slurricane 3.5g Buds
SunMed Rainbow Belts 3.5g Buds
Verano Don Corleone 3.5g Buds
Verano Guru 3.5g Buds
Limited quantities. Available in-store.

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