How to Become a Medical Cannabis Patient in Maryland

Register with the state for your MMCC patient ID

Your first step is to apply to become a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

You will need a device with an internet connection and the ability to upload photos. You must be 18 years or older, have a valid US government-issued ID, provide proof of Maryland residency, and provide an electronic copy of a clear photograph taken within the last 6 months, possibly against a white background. This process takes between 15-30 minutes.

Approval normally takes 2-4 weeks. Cost: $50

Looking for additional assistance in this process? Sign up for help registering here

Find a Provider to Certify You

You will need to find a provider who is registered with the MMCC (doctor/dentist/midwife, etc.) to provide you with a certification to purchase medical cannabis. Prices for this service vary so we recommend you shop around.

This certification is then attached to the patient ID number you received from the MMCC and can be verified at the dispensary once completed. Oftentimes, your normal physician or primary caregiver is not a registered provider with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

Come See Us

Once you have received your patient ID number and your registered provider has given you your certification, you can come back and shop at PharmKent!

If you are unfamiliar with Cannabis and its effects, we recommend contacting our Clinical Director, Mr. Dubuque. He can also help guide you through possible drug interactions if you are currently taking prescribed medication.

If you are familiar with Cannabis and don’t need assistance to shop or just need some gentle guidance, feel free to come in to our store and work with our wonderful Budtenders.

We are always so excited to meet new patients and help you find the best products!